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Career Outlooks

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years. For hundreds of different types of jobs—such as teacher, lawyer, and nurse—the Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you:
  • The training and education needed
  • Earnings expected
  • Job prospects
  • What workers do on the job
  • Working conditions

In addition, the handbook gives you job search tips, links to information about the job market in each state, and more.

Teacher with elementary students.The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a career reference that describes the job duties, working conditions, education and training requirements, earnings levels, current employment levels, projected employment change, and employment prospects for hundreds of occupations. It presents the results of research and analysis conducted by the Bureau's Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, along with related information, to help students and job seekers identify and learn about careers.

Career information for younger students is accessible on the BLS kids' page, which lists and explains many occupations found in the Handbook using simpler language. Occupations are grouped by area of interest, such as reading, math, science, or nature.