It's all about planning.

Compass and plans.

Help your child make the connection between school and career.

Kansas Career Pipeline

the Kansas Career Pipeline is the most sophisticated job search tool you can use. It lets you use the internet to dial in career options that fit your interests, match your skills, and resonate with your values. Then the Pipeline becomes a passageway to education, career training and employers. The pipeline also helps you connect your child's studies to real-world careers.

A great job makes you want to get up in the morning, and there’s a cool career out there for everyone (usually several). The tough part has always been figuring out what’s right for your particular talents. That was before the Pipeline. Now you can use the Internet to find classes, training opportunities, and careers that fit who you are. The Pipeline create a profile of your interests, skills, and values, then compares that professional personality to real-world job openings. It’s like an occupational fingerprint. But it’s also like a road map that helps you hook up with schools and employers who are looking for someone exactly like you. Take the assessment now.

Occupations and Majors

The KCP offers very extensive information about almost 1,000 career specialties and programs of study at various educational levels. These are divided into five levels of education:

  • High school completion
  • Some training after high school (on-the-job training, apprenticeship)
  • Completion of associate degree and/or certificate
  • Completion of bachelor’s degree
  • Advanced degree

Group of three people at table.Students can see lists of occupations (career specialties) for any cluster at any of these educational levels. They can also see the titles of postsecondary majors (instructional programs) that they would pursue related to specific occupations or clusters and find schools in the state or nationwide that offer those majors. They also can see a very complete description of any of the approximately 1,000 occupations (career specialties), including a video that shows work tasks.